oil painting 油彩






There is the original image.

The image is burned into the back of the eye and carried to the brain.
The image blends into the stored information, distorts, suddenly appears and disappears in front of the unfocused eye, and each time it is burned into the back of the eye.

A stock of images that have been ruminated over and over. The shape changes as it passes through the process of extraction. It passes through the muscles of the arm, through the brush, swims out into the ink particles, and adheres to the surface of the paper, becoming the original image for the viewer.

I wonder how the image will change in their minds after it leaves their hands.


It's a personal thing, but until a few years ago, I used to suffer from high fever and headache for a whole week or two every September. Towards the end of the summer, my exhausted body would start to run a fever as if remembering the heat of mid-summer. Every year, with the onset of summer, the image of the monster flickered in my mind and I couldn't help but feel scared. Neither medicine nor ice pillows worked, and I had to wait for the fever to pass, fed up with my poor immune system. Although I didn't know the cause, the disease was still going away. I was fed up with my poor immune system. I don't know what triggered it, but I haven't seen him in a few years. ...But in his place, a more powerful monster is now roaming around. I just hope that like my monster who left a few years ago, this one will leave too and never come back. October 11, 2021

wood cut print 水性木版